Course Structure


Each paper (100 marks) consists of three units. The first unit is divided into three subunits and the

second and third units are divided into four sub–units each. The first units of each paper comprise

20 marks and the two other units 40 marks each. A mid–term internal assessment will be made on

the first unit of each paper and the examination on the other two units will be held at the end of

the term.

Students will have to write a long answer consisting of 15 marks and a short answer of 5 marks

for the internal assessment. The remaining 80 marks per paper (except paper VII) will be assessed

at the end of the academic year where students will have to write two long answers of 15 marks

each in each unit of the paper along with two short questions of 5 marks each. The internal

assessment will be held on the first unit of each paper (i.e., a total of 80 marks in Part I and a total

of 80 marks in Part II) and the final examinations will be held on Units 2 and 3 only (i.e., a total

of 320 marks in Part I and 320 marks in Part II).

Paper VII in Part II will consist of four term papers of 25 marks each – all related to the Paper VII syllabus.

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